Nash Lerann

Trouble magnet with absolutely no chill


“I’m not a violent person. I work with violent people. But what the Empire truly hates me for is being an idealist.”

Human arms smuggler with a long list of violent crimes and a healthy fear of Vashti’s father. Tak removed a tracking chip from a sensitive part of his body.

AKA The Trouble Magnet: owes a crime boss unaffiliated with the black sun (hereafter CBUBS) a couple hundred thousand credits worth of undelivered weapons.

Described by Cid as having “absolutely no chill.” Intimidated by both Vashti and Uvik.

Currently rocking a space hoodie.


Nash Lerann is a gun-runner and smuggler, but he’s also a Rebel and a freedom fighter. He has extensive arms contacts with the Corporate Sector Authority, and has been supplying heavy arms and armament to the Rebel Alliance since before the Battle of Yavin. He was sold out by a member of the Authority when they decided to throw their weight behind the Alliance. Someone wanted the heat taken off.

He’s a peacable man, he just likes guns and he doesn’t much care for the Empire. He believes people should be free to make their own choices in this galaxy.

Nash Lerann

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