Opening Credits

Musical background: ‘No Rest For The Wicked’, by Cage the Elephant

We open on a panoramic shot of a Star Wars spaceport town – not Mos Eisley, clearly that sort of place. We zoom in on a group of stormtroopers, moving in on some building, SWAT-style, finally busting down the door to reveal several shady-looking individuals, including one well-dressed Zeltron, smiling. Cut to Borderlands-style intro card: VASHTI – The Princess – then back to her raising her hands above her head… and dropping the dead man’s switch.

The chorus kicks in as a wall blows down, knocking several troopers aside and revealing our tattoed space elf with his cannon in hand. UVIK – The Bodyguard, reads his intro card, then it’s back to him clearing a path for him and Vash.

Cut to the two of them running down a narrow alley, only to find the end blocked by some nasty looking battle droids. Suddenly, some tech-y looking thing bounces to a stop at their feet, and the droids go down in sparks to reveal Eric’s Verpine (TAK – The Tech).

Clearing the alley to a more open space, another group of stormtroopers appears, only to be scattered by a landspeeder powersliding to a stop. The camera moves to show the driver, in one of his trademark ridiculous loose overshirts (CID – The Pilot).

They race back to the Liberation ahead of pursuit as the chorus either plays again or continues, reaching the ship, dodging interception, and finally making the jump to light speed just as the final ’Until we close our eyes for good…" trails to an end.

Rebellion Adjacent is a story of crime, leverage and betrayal on the edges of the Star Wars universe.

Rebellion Adjacent

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