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  • Briska

    Refused to throw a fight and got fleeced by the Chadra Fan [[:wallabago-laroo | Wallabago]]. Lost a shipment for [[:ryssa-ganymede | Ryssa Ganymede]]. Thoroughly a black sun operative -- falls in with [[:vashti-aerichs | Vashti]]'s call to rob Ryssa to …

  • Ryssa Ganymede

    Crime lord who was approached and turned down Black Sun membership. Has a lot of clout on Serpentis VII and has leverage over both [[:briska | Briska]] and [[:nash-lerann | Nash]]. Got her cantina (the Lovesick Rodian) ripped off badly recently as well as …

  • Wallabago Laroo

    Chop shop operator, supposedly able to clean up ships and provide new transmitter codes. Did not do a very good job for [[:briska | Briska]] though.

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